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Internet for companies

Is your company located in the north of the Central Bohemian Region? If your answer is yes, then know that we are able to provide you with an ultra-fast internet connection that will allow your employees to work more efficiently.

Examples of tailor-made tariffs

We have selected for you examples of tariffs for companies that differ in technology, speed and price. Please always contact our sales department, who will make you a tailor-made offer. It depends a lot on the location, the distance from the transmitter and the chosen technology.
If you are unsure about choosing the internet for your household advice, write to us, we will be happy to help.

990 CZK monthly with VAT

Download 100 Mbit
Upload 100 Mbit
FREE installation and setup

SLA 99,7%, Guaranteed connection, 1: 2 aggregation

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Smaller company

Special price

1990 CZK monthly with VAT

Download 200 Mbit
Upload 200 Mbit
FREE installation and setup

SLA 99,9%, Guaranteed connection, 1: 1 aggregation

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for demanding

Special price


Download up to 1Gbit
Upload up to 1Gbit
We will prepare a tailor-made offer

SLA 99,9%, Guaranteed connection, 1: 1 aggregation

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ACTION STANDARD 100 Discounted price for the first 6 months, then the standard price of CZK 2190 applies.

ACTION PROFI 200 Discounted price for the first 6 months, then the standard price of CZK 4990 applies.

Why our internet connection?

We offer the benefits of a large provider, but with an individual approach and a pleasant price.

Establishment and installation

We install and set up devices for connection to the fast ForteNET Internet network professionally and without unnecessary delays - anywhere in our coverage area in the Central Bohemia region.

Guaranteed connected

The FORTE PROFI Internet service is intended for everyone who requires secure high-speed Internet with a guarantee. It offers a solution that will bring you an efficient and reliable connection to the Internet and enable further development in the field of data and Internet services.

Fair play

We rely on fair conditions. We will also keep what we promise. Connection prices are fixed, the contract is clear and well-arranged.

SLA up to 99,99%

SLA (Service Level Agreement), only the abbreviation is commonly used SLA, translates as agreement on the level of services provided. The SLA is a formalized description of the service that the supplier provides to the customer.

Speed ​​and stability

We know that what you want is a fast and stable internet connection. That is why the speed and stability of our network is our main goal and also a key competitive advantage in the region.

Support 15/7

We have an emergency service for our customers every day from 7:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. Within this range, you can always call us and receive professional support. Of course, there is continuous monitoring and proactive supervision of our employees.

For the more inquisitive

The connection technologies we use

In most cases, connection is offered using professional radio relay links from renowned manufacturers such as CERAGON, ALCOMA, ERICSSON, SAIE and others. However, depending on the location, it is also possible to arrange a connection using optical cables, i.e. the most modern technology currently available on the market. You can connect to our internet wirelessly at the moment primarily in the northern part of the Central Bohemian region, while the optical network has its base in the town of Odolena Voda.

Internet speed even for demanding users

The ForteNET internet connection offer is intended both for more demanding users who like to pay extra for high download and upload speeds, but also for those more frugal families who prefer the cheapest possible solution. We therefore emphasize the low price, which we are able to squeeze up to almost 200 crowns a month. We follow the motto - Internet for family houses and apartments in a modern and cheap way.

FREE installation

Of course, our internet connection has no annoying and restrictive data limits, so you can fully enjoy unlimited surfing and downloading in the company throughout the year.

If you are interested in our offer, we would like to give you another very good news. Namely, the fact that we are able to connect our internet in your company completely free of charge and without unnecessary delays. When you order ForteNET optical or wireless internet, you can have it up and running in the next few hours. And anywhere in the mentioned area of ​​Central Bohemia.

Possibility to watch IPTV

It is possible to order in addition to the internet tariff. Specifically, we work with the SledovaniTV service, thanks to which you can enjoy your favorite shows anytime and anywhere, for example from the comfort of your couch. Both on your computer and on your mobile device. By combining these two services, you will get a comprehensive product that will keep you entertained for months. So why wait any longer?

Tailor-made internet

We always approach the connection and provision of the Internet for companies with a completely individual approach. We are very well aware that each company has different needs and promises a little something different from connecting to the Internet. Therefore, in addition to the commonly available tariffs, we are also able to individualize the Internet connection. Thanks to this, you always get a connection that is tailored to your company.

We also rely on fast and quality service for our corporate customers. Although we promise that you will have to use it sporadically, if ever, because our connection is really stable and without outages. However, to be on the safe side, we have prepared a customer emergency, where you can contact us at any time between 7 am and 22 pm and where you will receive professional support from us.